The Adventure

We will visit 21 countries

On the first of Setember 2017, we’ll cross the door of our home only with our backpacks. We’ll introduce the key into the lock, turn the key and in this precise moment The Adventure of our lives will start.

We are going to travel nonstop for 12 – 18 months. We’ll cross the Siberia by train. We’ll travel through the millennial chinese culture, and visit the temples and the rice paddies of southeast Asia. We’ll fly to South America to discover its wild landscapes, and, why not? we’ll sail along the Amazon river. We’ll cross the Austral road and visit its glaciers and mountains. We’ll climb a 6k in Bolivia and discover the Inca cities in Peru. After that, we’ll dive in the most beautiful Mexican beaches. Maybe we’ll travel around the West Coast of the USA, and eventually, we’ll finish our adventure travelling from West to East Canada.